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Always Humane

The Always Humane™ logo symbol is a beacon of our commitment not only to our clients’ health and wellbeing, but also to the health and wellbeing of our livestock.  No Feedlot, no chemicals, no herbicides, no genetically modified grain.
Landtasia’s Always Humane symbol is a beacon of our commitment not only to our clients’ health and wellbeing, but also to the health and wellbeing of our livestock.  
Our humane standards for the treatment of farm animals have been devised to respect and support our livestock in conditions that:
  • Assure good nutrition and ready access to fresh water;
  • Offer open natural space and shelter from excessive climatic exposure;
  • Assure natural physiological development without growth hormones and antibiotics;
  • Provide social engagement with other animals of like kind;
  • Protect an animal’s health through disease prevention; and
  • Utilise hybrid vigour breeding programmes that improve animal health as well as production traits.
Our voluntary approach and personal commitment to farm animal welfare mirrors some of the more formalised programmes of humane certification in Europe, the United States and elsewhere.
The goal of the Always Humane symbol is to give our customers a clear sign of our commitment, so they can have peace of mind that the wholesome meat they purchase from Landtasia comes from animals that have been raised and treated in a considerate and humane manner.

Here are a few comments regarding humane farm animal treatment from some leading chefs and restaurateurs who make their living by serving great food.

“The way we treat the animals we rely on for our sustenance defines who we are deep inside. Making the decision to support producers who raise and fell their animals with dignity and respect shows we are truly compassionate. Nature rewards this decision by providing the most glorious results for our pallets, our conscience, and our personal health.”

- Michel Nischan, Managing Partner, Dressing Room Restaurant, 
  and author of Taste Pure and Simple and Homegrown Pure & Simple

"It is no coincidence that the most delicious foods are those cultivated with respect for the health and welfare of the entire food chain.  Breeding animals for fast, cheap growth is by definition inhumane. Independent family farms are our best hope for true, sustainable food security; and humane treatment is not a marketing strategy, but a guarantee that benefits us all.”
- Andrea Reusing, Chef and Owner, Lantern Restaurant