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Thank you for applying to become a Landtasia customer.

Applications from local residents of the greater Canberra region will be given priority up to the limit of our available new customer openings for this year. The next priority will be new customers located in some inner Sydney postcodes.
We are now sending you an email confirming that you have either been immediately accepted as a new customer or have been given a stand-by position for 2009 or sooner if a position becomes available.
Please click on the link included on the email, to let us know that the application is actually from you and that you do wish to become a Landtasia customer or be placed on stand-by, as the case may be. 
Once confirmed, new customer accounts are ready to accept orders.  Your Customer ID will be your email address, and your password will be the one you entered into the application.
If you are outside our local service area or on the stand-by list, our Customer Service Manager will telephone you as soon as a full customer position becomes available or to discuss the possibility for an out-of-area delivery or customer pick-up. 
Once again, we thank you for your interest and trust.
Wishing you and your family great nutrition and a very healthy life.
Richard Graham, Proprietor