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A Healthy Life

Landtasia Certified Organic Farm Produce

Certified organic grass-fed beef and other organic produce from Landtasia helps families grow and stay healthy.

Our goal is to supply families with
healthy organic food they can trust.

Landtasia is a certified organic farm located at Mulloon Creek in the Southern Tablelands of New South Wales. Our team is dedicated to sustainably producing nutrient-rich food while maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

On our farm, we grow organic beef, potatoes, spelt grain and honey. In the coming years the farm will be also offering other healthy produce including lamb and eggs.

We focus our marketing efforts in the local Sydney and Canberra region to keep transport distances to a minimum – “Food Miles”.

We provide our beef through good local organic butchers for their retail and trade customers. We also support individuals or groups to purchase a whole carcass and make arrangements with their local shop to butcher and pack it for them.

All our beef comes from 24 to 30 month young Angus hybrid-cross cattle that were raised on pastures grown without any manufactured chemical fertilisers and biocides or genetically manipulated inputs. They never received antibiotic or hormone inputs either.

Our beef ages well to produce exceptionally tender and delicious steaks and roasts.

Landtasia is a grower who is regularly audited by the independent certification organisation, Biological Farmers of Australia. Ordering from one of our retail partners provides you with a trusted source for traceable, high quality organic protein, and overcomes the uncertainty of purchasing food from ambiguous organic food stalls and shops. In the end you get great quality and peace of mind.