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A Healthy Life

An Invitation to a Healthy Life

Richard Graham, Landtasia Organic Farm Founder. on certified grass-fed beef pasture.

Richard Graham, Founder 
Landtasia Farm & Sanctuary

Each year brings us fresh challenges and opportunities.  For some of us these include improving our nutrition, our wellbeing or our environment.

If you want to make such improvements in your own life, then I invite you to purchase the produce we grow at Landtasia® Organic Farms.  It will support you in achieving all of these goals.

We deliver certified organic grass-fed beef to your butcher. We also provide spelt grain to millers.  All our produce is grown on our farm near Canberra.  Our customers know where their food comes from and that they are getting the organic produce they are paying for.

We’ve prepared this site to share with you about our healthy produce and to let you know where to purchase it from.  Enjoy.








These two icons can guide you through the Landtasia story of nutrition, health, environment and wellbeing in the sequence it was intended to be read.  The kangaroo will take you forward to the next chapter, while the cows will bring you back toward home. Enjoy.