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Healthy and Helpful Links

Here are five helpful online referrals to support your healthy goals through expanding your knowledge and know-how.  We hope you find these high-quality links very helpful.





The Red Meat & Nutrition website has been developed for healthcare professionals by a team of qualified dieticians and nutritionists. We hope you find this website a useful reference for the latest in nutrition research, resources, recipes and events.  

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The Main Meal is a cornucopia of delicious modern and traditional red meat recipes, sound meat preparation instructions, meal planning, and associated information to transform even everyday meals into welcomed nutrition and sociable repasts. Enjoy!            www.themainmeal.com.au

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Report: The Role of Red

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Meat in Healthy Australian Diets


The report on The Role of Red Meat in Healthy Australian Diets, published as a supplement in Nutrition & Dietetics, September 2007, is a comprehensive review of the evidence supporting red meat’s role in a healthy diet.

The report was written by 16 leading Australian public health and nutrition experts and was peer reviewed by an independent expert editorial committee, convened by Meat & Livestock Australia.

The report’s conclusions concur with nutrition statements from the National Heart Foundation of Australia and have the support of the Dietitians Association of Australia as a useful summary of the contribution of red meat to healthy eating, and substantiated that red meat has an important place in the Australian diet.

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 Report: New Soil Association report on GM animal feed


The UK Soil Association has published the findings of its investigation into the use of GM animal feed. They have been shocked to find that very large quantities of GM feed are being used in the UK to produce their food. Around 60% of the maize and 30% of the soya is GM in the feed used by dairy and pig farmers. This means that most of the non-organic milk, dairy products and pork being sold in the UK is from GM-fed animals.

Despite the non-GM policies of the supermarkets, all supermarkets are widely allowing the use of GM feed, except for their fresh own-label chicken, turkey and eggs which are produced from non-GM feed. Due to a loophole in the law, none of this food is labelled as 'GM' so it is difficult to avoid. Marks & Spencer, however, is far ahead of the others as all of their milk and fresh meat is from non-GM fed animals; but even they are not requiring non-GM feed for their frozen and processed products. At the moment, 'organic' is the only food type which prohibits GM feed.

New scientific evidence, reviewed in the report, shows that small amounts of GM DNA end up in milk and animal tissues of GM-fed animals, contrary to the assurances from the Food Standards Agency. In addition, at least 13 animal feeding trials now show a range of alarming health effects in animals fed GM: lesions in the gut, toxic effects in body organs, unexplained deaths and stunted growth in their offspring. We firmly believe that GM-fed animals should not be used to produce our food - do you?

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