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Now Purchase Landtasia Beef Locally

Earlier this year, Landtasia reassessed the effectiveness of its home delivery service and whether it was meeting the needs of its larger base of patrons.  After listening to many customers, we realised that our only being able to economically offer whole sides or quarters of beef wasn’t truly matching up with their storage and budgetary needs or eating habits.

They really wanted the opportunity to purchase our certified organic beef from local butchers, where they could purchase what they need for the week ahead and have it cut precisely to their needs. What a good idea!

To make this happen, Landtasia has commenced working with selected butchers to carry our great healthy beef.  They are set out below.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know about your experience of shopping for good organic beef this way.  Be sure to mention you want Landtasia Certified Organic Beef when you call in.

Landtasia Organic Farm Butchers - Sydney Metropolitian




Don’t live in Sydney but still want Landtasia’s great organic beef? No Problem!

Many local butchers will butcher and package a carcass for their customers, for just a service charge. Landtasia can deliver to many south eastern towns. Our whole carcases weigh in the range of 160 – 330 kg, and are delivered in quarters and on hook. Two forequarters and two hindquarters.

Ask your butcher if he can provide the service for you, your group or restaurant, then contact Landtasia to make arrangements.