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Management Team

The depth, quality and commitment of the Landtasia management team is uncommon for a small organic farm enterprise.  During these most extraordinary times of climate change, the teamwork and passion of the staff and management of this farm is establishing an exemplary and beautiful organic property and its direct purchase food program.

Richard Graham — Proprietor

Richard Graham, Proprietor - Landtasia Organic Farms

Richard is fueling the vision for the development of Landtasia into one of the world's premier organic food production properties and a touchstone property for climate-change agriculture.

A relative newcomer to agriculture, he's participated in the start-up of a number of successful technology companies. His passion for being at the edge of new waves in society and moving them from pre-dawn to mainstream stages merges here at Landtasia with his equal passion for sustainable agriculture and environmental landscape.

E-mail: Richard@landtasia.com



Philip Ipsen — Financial Director & Company Secretary 

 Phil Ipsen - Finance Director  - Landtasia Organic Farms

Phil is the director of the enterprise's financial operations and compliance section.

He has a Bachelor of Business degree from Charles Sturt University and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants In Auastralia and Australian Institute of Company Directors. Phil brings to the agricultural arena widespread financial experience from the software, manufacturing, commercial real estate, and product distribution fields.

E-mail: Philip@landtasia.com



Dennis Northey — Livestock Operations and Cropping Manager

 Dennis Northey, Livestock Operations & Cropping Manager -  Landtasia Organic Farms

Dennis manages Landtasia's cornerstone livestock husbandry program and cropping strategy.

Dennis grew up in agriculture on his family's properties in the Mudgee district before managing cattle/sheep properties in the Hunter Valley. He is a graduate of C.B. Alexander Agricultural College, Tocal.  Dennis brings a practical 'can-do' approach to the implementation of environmentally sustainable organic farm management practices into Landtasia's livestock enterprises.

E-mail: Dennis@landtasia.com




Martin Teece - Landscape Environment Manager

 Martin Teece, Landscape Environment Manager  - Landtasia Organic Farms

Marty manages the maintenance and perpetuation of Landtasia’s 250 acres of parklands, wetlands and recreation areas.

He combines 15 years of trade experience on local golf courses with his keen interest and background in agriculture.  Through an extensive training in horticulture, turf management, irrigation and arboriculture, his education reflects a lifelong learning approach. Marty’s appreciation that people can contribute to beautifying natural settings is apparent in his role and works around the property.

E-mail: Martin@landtasia.com


Edwina Fitzgerald - Customer Service Manager

 Edwina Fitzgerald, Customer Service Manager  - Landtasia Organic Farms

As Landtasia's Customer Service Manager, Edwina knows how important it is for our clients to feel confident about their purchases and certain about their delivery.

Edwina’s interest in the importance of sustainable agriculture began through her work with the Australian Council for Overseas Aid. Since then, she has held various positions in customer service, as well as doing volunteer work with Amnesty International and other community organisations. While raising her children in Bungendore she gained an appreciation of the value of high quality, natural food at an affordable price.

E-mail: Edwina@landtasia.com


David Albon - Infrastructure/Maintenance Manager

 David Albion, Infrastructure/Maintenance Manager  - Landtasia Organic Farms

David sees to the orderly implementation of Landtasia Farm's operation infrastructure and maintenance requirements.

Before joining the Landtasia team in 2003, David was involved in the building industry for twenty years. Successfully self employed, he specialised in tiling and the building of outdoor structures. On the property, Dave combines his know-how in the infrastructure/maintenance with his passion for the outdoors.

E-mail: Dave@landtasia.com


Scott Williams - Apiarist

Scott Williams, Apiarist (Beekeeper)  - Landtasia Organic Farms
Scott is pioneering the establishment of permanent (non-transported) organic honeybee colonies at Landtasia to enhance vegetation pollination and provide pure Certified Organic honeybee produce.
Scott joined the Landtasia team in 2002 helping to establish the property’s improved pastures and mechanical infrastructure. He studied beekeeping with the NSW Department of Primary Industry and with veteran apiarists in our region. His natural intuitive nature serves him well as he establishes a healthy home and habitat for nearly three million bees.