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Photo Gallery

Here are some images of the seasonal faces of Landtasia. We share them to help our customers build a picture of confidence not only in the words of our policies, but also in the deeds of our hands.

It is so that organic agriculture is about the production of healthy food and nutrition. It is also about doing that in a harmonious and sustainable way with the natural environment.  Neither of these objectives come cheaply nor allow taking shortcuts.  However, what they yield is more valuable than normal industrial-agricultural output.
At Landtasia Farm our attention to the landscape environment is producing positive results for our farming pursuits and for the local strengthening of nature’s helper species such as birds, bees, beneficial insects, subsoil microbes and riparian life.
In these few images we hope you can see the respect we have for Nature and the inspiration it gives us.

Picture of Cattle Grazing

 Picture of Cow in High Grass


Grazing, Spring 2005

High Grass, Summer 2005

Wardrobe Change Spring 2007




Picture of sunrise 

 Picture of Peter Andrews at Landtasia Wetlands

Picture of birds on fence 

Sunrise, Winter 2006

Peter Andrews’ Wetland Visit

Fence Sitters




 Black Cockatoos at Golf Links

 Picture of Richard Graham

 Water Flower Ponds

Black Cockatoos in Sanctuary

Dung Beetles Arrive, Summer 2007

Water Flower Ponds, Spring 2005




Picture of green fields

Picture of Landtasia Ranch in Summer

Picture of French Documentary makers filming Dung Beetles

Drought Relief, Autumn 2007

The Colour of Summer 2006

French Documentary Dung Beetles